What Can We Do for You?

Electronic Product Design and Development
We can take a product from initial idea through to production and beyond. Having a lot of experience with new product ideas we can help even at the very early stages.  Or you may have an existing development that just needs extra effort in a specific area.  We will provide all or any part of the following services depending on your needs.

  • Feasibility and costing
  • Specification
  • Electronic, mechanical and software design
  • Prototypes
  • Documentation
  • Manufacture and parts procurement
  • Product support

Repair, Upgrade and Refurbishment
Sometimes when custom-made equipment or systems need to be repaired or upgraded the original manufacturer is no longer available.  We are often asked to repair or upgrade custom equipment made by third parties. 

A critical piece of equipment may no longer be supported by the original manufacturer or conventional service networks because it is too old, parts are not available, a manufacturer has gone out of business or for some other reason.  Often replacement with a newer equivalent is not straightforward.  We can use our design experience to repair most electronic equipment or make modifications to allow substitution of new equipment.  When documentation is limited or non-existent we can reverse engineer.

Where a customer is worried about critical electronic equipment which is not supported, we can carry out a review, before problems occur, to provide documentation and identify vulnerabilities and how to minimise them. 

Automation, Control and Production Equipment
We produce a wide range of factory automation and test equipment.  This can be for the production line, production test, reliability testing or other machine control.  We can provide the best solution by deploying a wide range of technologies from custom electronics to standard PLC/HMI/SCADA.

Evaluation and Realisation of Inventions and Ideas
We have a lot of experience in knowing why ideas or inventions succeed or fail.  This can be for reasons that include market research, funding, technical, or price.  We can give early advice on technical feasibility and production cost, and pointers to sources of advice on marketing, funding and other commercial matters.

Embedded Software
Our experience in embedded programming for a wide range of processors and platforms in a variety languages goes back to the early days of microprocessors.  Our in-depth hardware knowledge allows us to write software at the lowest hardware level. 

Troubleshooting and Review
Do you have a problem with an existing product, products under development, production equipment or production processes?  We can investigate to find the cause and provide solutions.  Alternatively, you may just want a third party review to find if there are weaknesses or potential improvements.


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