Let Us Help

ajh technology is a small Edinburgh-based company with more than 30 years experience providing electronic design to the electronics industry.  We also have wide experience of working with companies and individuals outside the electronics industry to solve a variety of electronic and technology based problems.

We are involved in projects of all sizes, from small one-off developments and prototypes to designs leading to volume production, working with a diverse range of people and industries providing solutions for:

  • Electronic product design and development
  • Prototype production, test and evaluation
  • Repair, upgrade and refurbishment of unsupported equipment
  • Automation, control and production equipment
  • Evaluation and realisation of inventions
  • Troubleshooting review and documentation
  • Embedded software

Don't think your project or problem is too small.  You may just want to discuss an idea.  We work for a wide range of customers, from individuals to multinational companies, using many different technologies.  Much of our work originates from existing clients, or on recommendation from an existing client

Whether your problem is big or small, whatever market you're in, or if you’re not in any market yet, don't hesitate.  We’re the people to talk to.